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I have been a member of since 2014. Historically, I would only receive a few views of my profile in one 24-hour period perhaps 4, 6 or 10 views at the most.

In late March of this year, immediately before my membership was about to expire, I suddenly received upwards of 91 views overnight! This was completely unprecedented & quite frankly, it smelled fishy to me. I then e-mailed Ourtime's customer service department to express my concern over what seemed to be an obvious case of deceptive &/or unethical practices in order to convince me to renew my membership. In the response I received, the customer service representative claimed there was nothing unusual going on & that this was perfectly normal.

I responded, challenging this assertion, citing the unreasonably large number of views I received in less than 24 hours (as described above). I subsequently allowed my membership to expire while I attempted to sort this matter out with Ourtime's customer service people. Meanwhile, I updated my profile essay text to inform those who had attempted to contact me during this time that my membership was currently expired & was debating whether or not to renew, due to the issues I was having with I did this only as a courtesy to those attempting to contact me so they wouldnt feel I was ignoring them.

The next day, I found this text had been deleted, so I re-entered it. Later that evening, I found that, once again, this amendment to my essay text had been deleted. So, I repeated this process once again, believing that I simply had not saved the changes correctly, but the next day found that all of my essays had been deleted in their entirety! I received no warning whatsoever that I should not have been including information about my membership status.

I contacted Customer Service again, requiring an explanation as to why all of my essay(s) had been deleted. The response I then received stated that I may not include information regarding my membership status in my profile essay(s). I then cited the sizeable number of womens profiles on the site that do precisely that, yet their profiles remain unaltered & that I was clearly being targeted. The next response stated that, if I see other profiles with inappropriate information in them, I should report them to Ourtime.

It also stated that, if I wanted my profile text restored, minus the text concerning my membership status, I would have to formally request it. Excuse me?!!? She actually made me supplicate myself in order to get my essay(s) restored! This is completely unacceptable & humiliating.

Further, since Ourtimes customer service is, in effect, now requiring me to do their job for them by reporting profiles for this sort of thing, do they plan on compensating me for providing this service? I refuse to be treated in this way.

In order to finish up a couple of conversations I was having with women on the site, I requested my profile text be restored & then renewed my membership on April 7 of this year. Given the overall unpleasantness of this experience & the fact that I was obviously targeted while others seem to get away with this sort of thing with impunity, it is highly likely that, when my membership expires on October 6 of this year, I will _not_ be renewing.

Review about: Ourtime Membership.

Reason of review: unethical practices.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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