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I cant access my account or open any email notifications about views to my profile

2 answers
I like to cancel my membership
@PissedConsumer1974883 Can you cancel my subscription for our time dating site membership number is 38737****
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How do I cancel my subscription

by Chequita

0 answers

I want know how to stop my account from renewing, what and when do i do to not rene

by Dairon

0 answers

How the *** is one supposed to log on? Is this a scam

Why’s it so difficult to log on. Canceled my account once before.

Given it another shot and same thing. This is a waste of money I can’t get back

1 answer
According to the “Guide to Login Your OurTime Account” article posted at, if you already signed up an account, you should follow the steps to log in:
  • Go to;
  • Enter your registered email address in the “Email” box on the upper left side of the page;
  • Enter your password in the “Password” field box;
  • Click “Login” to enter.

  • Go to OurTime’s mobile login page;
  • Type in your registered email address in the first field;
  • Enter your password in the “Password” box;
  • Click or tap “Login”.


Password reset isn’t working

by Jaeleen

I can’t remember my password. A reset has been sent 5 times already.

Can’t get a password??also someone told me my height is 5’11. I am 5’ 4

0 answers

I’d like this to be my last month

by Zooey

Decided 1 more month and then finish this dating sight

0 answers

How do I get my refound?

by Fynlee

I want my refund I just paying a contribution was $25 every month but they take $40:08,$25.25,$1:32 and $37:35 some time some day please I want council this account I want my back is firt time on the site I can’t pay that is a lot month we take all money please reverse that money back

0 answers

How can I activate my account now paid

Have paid but not getting on your site keeps blocking me don't understand why please help

1 answer
If you have problems with account activation you can contact OurTime Customer Care at 833-223-8873, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm CT, Monday - Friday.

hit the renew bottom by mistake. Don’t want to renew

by Victory

I accidentally hit the renew button just a few minutes ago. I don’t wish to renew due to being scammed several times and don’t feel safe on this site.

I appreciate you helping me with this problem. Thank you

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